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We buy and sell a wide variety of gold and jewelry in our St Paul pawn shops:

  Diamond Engagement Rings

  Diamond Earrings

  Diamond Necklaces

  Gold Jewelry

  Bullion

  Coins

  Jewelry

  Men’s Watches

  Women’s Watches

  Precious Metal

  Gemstones

  Estate Collections

  Scrap Gold

  Scrap Silver

Selling gold, jewelry and other unused items that you have laying around the house is a great way to quickly make a significant amount of money. Many people don't realize just how valuable certain types of items actually are. If you have gold and silver, diamond rings, scrap gold, dental gold, bullion or jewelry items that you don't have any use for, it doesn't make sense to let them sit in a drawer in your home. Instead, do the financially responsible thing and head to our pawn shop, Best Pawn in the St. Paul,

Minnesota area. possible selection in the St. Paul area in Minnesota that is more than worth exploring for yourself. You never know when you might find that perfect set of earrings to go with that dress you've been dying to wear, or a diamond ring that you can give to your special someone to show them how much you truly care.

If you're looking for a pawn shop to buy your coins, bullion, scrap gold, dental gold or unused jewelry, we've got you covered. If you're looking for these types of items to buy to add to your wardrobe, collection or for any other type of purpose, we've got you covered in that respect, as well.

Whether you're trying to sell or are looking to buy, stop in today and don't waste another minute.